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A journalist with over 27 years experience, who has been graduated in Journalism, Master Degree in Communication and Semiotics. I have been editor of several periodicals in the west area of Sao Paulo, as the Gazeta de Pinheiros, Primeira Hora and Barueri News in the sports, culture, politics and health sections. In the video production area, I have worked as a scriptwriter, where I have developed new implementations in corporate communications aiming at improving the quality of products, optimizing of services and professional's behavior in various areas (communication training for teams, lectures and projects).

Beatriz Esmer
Jornalist • Artist • Professor • Ghostwriter


To assist the companies in the construction, valuation and preservation of its mark, its image - its bigger patrimony - next to the press and other public that form opinion.

To establish a permanent and open relationship between the Press and the Client. The work consists of preparing the specific Clients for this relationship through techniques and concepts, aimed to extend the security and the experience of the spokesmen in the spreading of the interested subjects.

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Work Experience

1998 - Present

B Esmer Communication & Design
Journalist . Director . Webdeveloper

Job Description

Journalist . Graphic Designer . Translator

Website's creation, using all Web potential. Business presentations (screens in graphical computation and slides). Newsletters. Hourse organ. Educative books. Technical manuals. Visual programming. Visual identity. Brochures. Interactive media. Conventional and electronic direct mails. Image and mark consultancy. Internal and external communication consultancy. Video-scripts production:
Personal Portuguese classes for foreigners. Translation: Italian, French, Spanish and English.

1996 - 1998

Press Officer

Job Description

Freelancer Journalist

Preparation and presentation of lectures and meetings on slides (PowerPoint), including the use of narration. Organization and coverage of events, press conferences, in addition to creating, writing and coordinating periodic newsletters, house organs and developing content for websites.

Updating website for breaking local, national and add exclusive online content. In addition to include conducting a detailed needs analysis with customers, reviewing the brand image, brainstorming ideas with planners, analyzing trade lines and completion of product statistics.


Thomas Barkley
"Beatriz Esmer is an excellent professional, perfectionist, and always concerned with setting goals and meeting deadlines of her clients ..."
Sjoek Van Kan
"Creativity! Extremely skilled and always with innovative ideas to enrich the goals of her clients..."
Mário Rojas
"A professional honoring and has commitments to clients and does everything with great dedication ..."

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